What is Procoinex

Procoinex is a perceived regard for its supply and demand features designed during Procoinex algorithm along with Procoinex lending platform. The future value of Procoinex is a result of many aspects coin supply mining and minting algorithm, Procoinex community network, and its features. This guide discusses the most important factors that lead its users to consider Procoinex coin to be valuable as of now and in near future.

Lending System

You can invest Procoinex coins on the exclusive platform of the Procoinex Dashboard. You will receive a daily profit based on your investment choices. After the investment period ends 12 months, you will receive your profit 120% to be taken from the Procoinex loan platform or optionally reinvested in the loan platform to continue receiving daily profit.

Staking System

When you get Procoinex Coin, it becomes an asset with an interest rate of up to 10% return every month through PoS printing. All you have to do to get with this method is to hold a coin in your Procoinex purse. This means that someone holding Procoinex coins in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping keep the network safe.

Trading System

This investment option can be used to profit the Procoinex Coin price fluctuations. You can buy Procoinex coins at a lower price and sell them for a higher price. So you pocketed the price difference. If you want to profit from short selling, you must have Procoinex Coin in the first place.

Affiliate & Network Team

Affiliate award to be paid in your Procoinex Coin to your wallet address up to 10%, with excess unilevels network to infinity..

Procoinex Referral Program:
Referral 1 : 6% | Referral 2 : 8% | Referral 3,4,5,..ect : 10%
Unilevels Program:
Lev 2 : 3% | Lev 3 : 2% | Lev 4 : 1% | Lev 5 : 0.6% | Lev 6 : 0.5% | Lev 7 : 0.4% | Lev 8 : 0.3% | Lev 8 : 0.2% | Lev 10 : 0.1%

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Procoinex Decentralizing The Future

  • Coin Name: Procoinex
  • Coin Character : POS
  • Maximum Suplly : 20,000,000
  • Pre ICO : 2,000,000
  • ICO: 3,000,000
  • Shopping Mall
  • Game Online
  • Booking Hotel
  • Plane ticket
  • Travelling
  • Destination of World
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Procoinex is an open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency, and even earn a substantial interest on investment.

What We Offer

A Revolutionary Blockchain and Platform that Built to Save Your Time and Money

Coins is Limited

The procoinex supply will only have 20 million coins worldwide, this is to increase the value of coin.

Transfer Instant

Peer-To-Peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency, without having a central server.

Transaction Easy

You can transfer Procoinex to any where in the world as long as it is connected to the internet.


Trusted in Regulating International Charitable Community Management

ICO CrowdSale

Maximum Supply 20,000,000 PCE
CrowdSale 3,000,000 PCE Token CrowdSale Referral Levels Earn 6 - 18.1 %

First CrowdSale

Available 500,000 PCE (You can buy it now with the Price $0.5)


1 | 2

Second CrowdSale

Available 500,000 PCE (You can buy it now with the Price $0.7)


Third CrowdSale

Available 500,000 PCE (You can buy it now with the Price $0.9)


3 | 4

Fourth CrowdSale

Available 500,000 PCE (You can buy it now with the Price $1.1)


Fifth CrowdSale

Available 500,000 PCE (You can buy it now with the Price $1.3)


5 | 6

Sixth CrowdSale

Available 500,000 PCE (You can buy it now with the Price $1.5)


Procoinex Packages

Three Procoinex Packages : Basic, Standard and Professional (up to 45% per month)


  • Volatility Interest + 0.4%
  • After 210 Days


  • Volatility Interest + 0.6%
  • After 180 Days


  • Volatility Interest + 0.8%
  • After 150 Days

Meet the Team

Procoinex has a strong team of professionals, mentors, industry experts, investors and advisors who support our portfolio companies

Vladimir Sumarokov
Roel Wolfert
Sergei Sergienko
Emma Poposka

BitCoin and CryptoCurrency News

Procoinex is also bitcoin and cryptocurrency news site that allows you to keep up to date with new businesses that accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and bitcoin regulations news. We also report on latest crypto currency news, prices, talks and new start up related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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